Developing robust test solutions is our specialty.

  • Every detail is engineered to consider your process.
  • Fabrications that will be capable of reuse for several program cycles. 
  • Controls that are flexible and easy to maintain.
  • Connections and operator interfaces that are responsive and simple to manage.
EOL Testing

Testers that consider your MES System from the start.

EOL Testing is not an option. We will work with your team to devise a solution to satisfy all OEM requirements. Developing the format to convey all data back to your MES is key to the success of a testing system.

All elements of the seat will be tested, mechanical or electrical. They can be tested with or without operators.

Testing: Passing is easy. Fault recovery separates InTouch from the rest.

In-process testing is a valuable step in cost containment. Selecting the best components to execute multiple tests in a single station can increase productivity. Integration of the manufacturing cell with automation can significantly improve your entire process.

testing station
InTouch Automation connector

Execution and attention to detail.

Testing failures due to poor connection are unacceptable. We will design a connector for your application utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience. InTouch can 3D print a totally functional connector for validation prior to machining the production versions. The connector design is not created in a vacuum. It considers the entire process as well as serviceability.